Very Krafty Super Light Air Clay

Very Krafty Super Light Air Clay is super soft, super light, super stretchy and super fun. You can bend it, stretch it and mould it into any shape then leave it out overnight and it drys hard like a foam/rubber. That's right no need for an oven you DO NOT heat it, It just air dries plus it's non-toxic so it's fun and SAFE. Once the kids have finished being "Very Krafty" and made their favorite characters or strange and wonderful creations they get to keep them forever. 

Sand Art

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Very Krafty Inspirational Gallery

If you have already purchased some Very Krafty Super Light Air Clay and you need a little creative inspiration why not check out our VERY KRAFTY INSPIRATIONAL GALLERY

Instructional Videos

Let us help you to become Very Krafty

Our instructional videos will help guide you step by step on creating all characters in our fun bags.